<> Aesthetic Realism Seminar Essays on Men, Love, Sports by Ernest DeFilippis
Men, Love, and Sports
Aesthetic Realism Seminar Essays
by Ernest DeFilippis, Consultant
I gave these papers on Men, on Love, and Sports in seminars at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, a not-for-profit educational foundation in New York City, 141 Greene Street, in SoHo. 

        Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded by the great poet, critic and educator, Eli Siegel, is the means for men in America--and elsewhere--to understand how we can love a woman in a way that makes us stronger and the woman stronger, and be active, strong, kind individuals in every aspect of our lives, including work and recreation. 

        What is the big meaning in sports?  Eli Siegel taught me, in classes that I loved, and want everyone to know about.  Sports are a way of seeing and feeling the world's aesthetics--and so sports aren't separate from our lives as husbands and sons, and lovers.  And sports aren't separate either from what has been seen as the most subtle forms of culture--art, sculpture, poetry, drama.  In all these, a person wants to be strong and graceful at once--and strength and grace are opposites.  "All beauty," Mr. Siegel explained, "is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites are what we are going after in ourselves."  What this principle explains!  I'll be a long time expressing all the meaning of what Mr. Siegel taught--and this is a beginning.

That's what I'll be writing about in my web site.  There's much more to come.  I begin with: 

What Is a Husband’s Biggest Mistake?
    "The biggest mistake a husband makes is to think that because a woman has consented 
to marry him, he now owns her..."  >> more

Part 1        Part 2        Part 3       Part 4
Confidence and Self-Doubt: Can They Make Sense In a Man's Life?
    A Study in the Life of Ty Cobb -- for all Men
Part 1       Part 2       Part 3       Part 4
Vanity vs. Happiness: Can A Man Distinguish Between Them?
     With a section about the play Hedda Gabler
Part 1      Part 2       Part 3      Part 4
What's Missing? -- As a Husband Talks to His Wife?
    "How a husband talks with his wife, Aesthetic Realism explains, begins with how he sees the world and people. I didn't see people as whole beings, with insides as real as mine. Growing up I thought, as many children do, that adults were insincere, more interested in flattering and kidding others along, or complaining about and making fun of them, than in knowing them...." > more

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